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Welcome to The New NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY continuing over 80 years of the tradition of the National Title family of companies, bringing Floridians and customers from across the nation and around the world quality Title Services with a courteous, professional staff and years of experience.


NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY serves Owners and Lenders, attorney and non-attorney title agents, as well as other real estate professionals and individuals, private institutions and governmental institutions and agencies involved in real estate transactions. It is our privilege to provide the finest quality title services and products to serve the needs of our customers and business partners. NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY continues in the spirit of commitment and quality of the National Title family of companies with knowledge of the importance of quality and professionalism in the creation of lasting, long-term business relationships.


NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY is pleased to provide to our customers and business partners the best real estate title services and products available through our courteous and experienced staff employing unique resources that our competitors simply do not have.


We are pleased to announce the formation of The New NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY. Thank you for choosing NATIONAL TITLE and ABSTRACT COMPANY for your real estate title needs.


If you are a customer or former customer of the old National Title Insurance Company, you should be informed that it is undergoing rehabilitation through the Florida Department of Financial Services. In light of recent developments, the entity National Title Insurance Company has ceased writing new business.